Pool Installation in Greenville

If you’re looking for residential pool construction, or commercial pool builders, you’ve come to the right place. At Miami Valley Pools & More LLC we specialize in creating custom pools for the homeowners of Greenville that they can brag about. Not only that, but if you’re a gym, school, or community center we excel at constructing commercial pools that are durable and built to the highest safety standards.

For pool designers that not only know what they’re doing, but love what they’re doing, Miami Valley Pools & More LLC is the team for you. With years in the local industry, all of our design and build techniques have been streamlined to give you the best functionality at the best price.

Aboveground or Inground

While the majority of commercial pools in Greenville are inground mainly for appearance and durability reasons, when you’re planning a pool installation at your home, you have a couple options.


The inground pool is a classic. But is the cost of an inground pool too much to make it a viable option? When you add up the potential cost of inground pool installation, not only will you have to allow for the pool itself, but also the decking or patio that will surround it, and potential grading and landscaping that will need to be done prior to excavation.

While inground and aboveground pools both face the same thing when it comes to maintenance, inground pools have more potential repairs.

But, they are a worthwhile investment, adding value to your home and an attractive atmosphere to your yard.


Don’t get it confused with a kiddie pool—the aboveground pool rivals the inground in size easily, and can be installed at a fraction of the cost.

But that doesn’t mean you can install it on your own. You will still require a swimming pool builder who can ensure your land is capable of supporting the structure properly, and erecting it with a solid foundation and walls.

Aboveground pools are safer for young children and pets, as they sit on the ground rather than above it. And, if you want to build a surround in the form of decking you can create just as amazing an oasis as you can with an inground pool—just a little higher up.

No matter what pool you choose, inground or aboveground, we are happy to be your Greenville swimming pool contractors. Specialists in the field, we’ll execute flawless pool installation and get your yard ready for summer in no time.

We Install Clear-Loc Pool Liners

While there are many different types of inground pool liners, we prefer to use Loop Loc’s Clear-Loc Floor Seam Technology. Clear-Loc is a robust, durable, and high-quality liner with barely noticeable seams and many customization options.

Clear-Loc comes in over 30 different patterns so you can select the one that matches the aesthetic you want. Whether it’s the shimmer of intricate tiling, a tropical pattern, or clean gunite, we can install the perfect liner for your desired look.

Our most popular options include:

  • Oceania: Many shades of blue tile create a radiant, refreshing pool with an inviting glow.
  • Palm Springs: A pattern of palm leaves on the pool floor and walls gives your backyard the feel of a beachside resort.
  • Camino Lagoon: Dark and light blue tiles in varying shapes create the appearance of a collection of shining stones.
  • …and many more!

Swimming Pool Installation Backed by Satisfaction Guarantee

Our swimming pool installations are designed to ensure your complete satisfaction and comfort. That’s why we proudly stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

From the preliminary consultation to the final quality inspection, we prioritize excellence in craftsmanship and customer service. Our team of pool professionals works tirelessly to bring your vision to life, and if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, we’re committed to making it right.

With our satisfaction guarantee, you can confidently invest in the pool of your dreams, knowing that we’re dedicated to your happiness every step of the way.

Installing Your Dream Pool Begins With a Consultation

When we install your dream pool, we strive for excellence. To ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for, we begin our service with a comprehensive consultation.

During this crucial initial phase, our team conducts an onsite assessment, meticulously evaluating and measuring your space to create the perfect pool for your needs. We discuss every aspect of the project, including cost estimates, timelines, and the selection of pool style, design, and material.

Our consultations serve as the foundation for a collaborative process, ensuring that every detail aligns with your vision and budget. At Miami Valley Pools & More LLC, we believe that communication and transparency are key, empowering you to make informed decisions as we work together to make your dream pool a reality.

Enjoy An Eye-Catching Custom-Built Pool

Are you ready to add a relaxing feature to your outdoor space that catches the eye of neighbors and visitors? Consider one of our custom-built pools. We specialize in building every style you can think of and are always excited to make your new pool unique to you.

Popular options include:

  • Gunite: The preferred method for inground pool installation involves constructing a rebar framework sprayed with a concrete and sand mixture, offering enhanced durability compared to traditional poured concrete pools.
  • Poured Concrete: With a process of constructing a wooden frame and filling it with concrete, these pools are more difficult to build but are easy to maintain and allow for great flexibility in sizing.
  • Fiberglass: Efficiently installed, fiberglass pools are pre-formed units lowered into excavated sites using cranes. Compared to concrete pools, there’s less ability to customize the size and shape but they’re easier and cheaper to install.

Next-Level Outdoor Living

Creating a space for students, community center patrons, or gym members to exercise, cool down, and relax in the summer? A pool is an amazing addition to any facility and we’ve had the pleasure of creating many commercial pools.

Having a property sizeable enough for a pool is an amazing thing. Allow us to be your pool designer and overhaul your backyard landscape making it your dream getaway, right outside your back door!

Combining your pool with the right materials, plants, and quality accessories with the best design will leave you with an enviable outdoor living space you can be proud of showing off.

Call our team at Miami Valley Pools & More LLC and ask us more about what we can create for you.